Any good website to view 3d buildings as you work on them?

Trying to make buildings using the iD in browser editor on the osm website. I’d like to be able to view the buildings, including roof shape, soon after submitting the changes, but most 3d viewers, like f4map, only update daily.

I mostly work on OSM at work, so browser based is my only option.

Online there is and and if you are using JOSM (my suggestion when 3d-tagging) there is a plugin where you can view it instantly. But last time i used it, it was broken. is maintained afaik and for the rest, best check this site :slight_smile:

So what is the recent status of the project?

Is it no more maintained due to that mentioned project name seizing by another company?

This tool could be helpful as well.

Last commit 2015 while kendzi at least did something in 2018 as well. Is there something better at the improved one?

Take a look. You can make roofs making drag and drop from the list and also modify the height in 3D window instead of writing parameters…