Any automatic Import of Google POI to OSM?

dear Officers,

recently I added 3 to 5 points in India to google maps. during my visit, i located them, took pictures, created entries in google maps. I was interested in finding out whether you have a written arrangment to use each others POI as both of you are crowd sourcing (using publics help).

Your officers might have been discussed internally before. I thought i would brng this to your notice. I have add those points all over again in OpenStreetMap .org.

this will benefit a lot of folks around the world.


For softwares like NavFree / OSM and, that uses offline data, this will be great feature.

No, OpenStreetMap and Google do not have any process for sharing data between each other, as the licenses are not compatible between the two data sets. OpenStreetMap uses the open data share-a-like license ODbL, whereas google uses a closed commercial license. Due to that neither Google is allowed to copy data from OpenStreetMap into its maps, nor is OpenStreetMap allowed to copy data from Google.

However, if you located the POIs by visiting them and took the pictures your self, you can enter them into both Google’s and OpenStreetMaps database and therefore license your contributions under both licenses, as they are your own contributions.

It is unfortunate that it isn’t possible to share data between OpenStreetMap and Google’s Map Maker, but it is fairly unlikely that either Google or OpenStreetMap will change their licenses to make them compatible with the other.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. It is truly unfortunate that 2 crowd sourcing companies cannot share data for the benefit of the public. I forwarded the above link to my cousin who works in Google and requested him to bubble up this request.

have a good weekend.