Any Australians here yet?

Yes, I finally made it here… hello!

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G’day, Didz, & welcome! :wave:

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Hey @bob3bob3 how is Mapillary treating you? I moved to Karta View but none of my new images have been processed in weeks.

Hi @Didz Actually it is working quite well. I am now doing almost a daily uploads with a mix of BlackVue mp4’s and two side jpg cameras. This all using the mapillary_tools CLI and involves processing as well as upload steps. Perhaps 3 weeks ago the server processing time seem to halve or better with images first being GUI visible 4-6 hours after upload. Full integration to (say) ID Editor usage has been maybe 5-7 days.

Latest images around Three Springs and Carnamah WA for a look. Really chewing through Telstra GBytes though.


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