Any Australians here yet?

I’m a mapper in Western Australia. I think most conversation about Australia at the moment is on the talk-au mailing list, but I just thought I’d see if there are any other Aussies here yet, and if they’d be interested in an Australia category (or tag). I will of course also post to the mailing list about this.

(Also, if anyone’s in Perth this weekend, we’ve got a meetup happening!)


Yes, probably more than at the old OSM forum :smiley:

Not sure how this is going to work. The communication channels are getting so fragmented for such a small group of people. You are supposed to be able to interact with Discourse by email so that might make this one work OK for me.

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I totally agree, it feels like the old “one more place” problem — but maybe everyone’s been feeling the fragmentation enough anyway, and so this place might be a unifying thing. I’d love to get off Slack and other proprietary places. I’m not sure about the mailing list, but I think the idea here is that ‘mailing list mode’ will be enabled at some point: that’d mean there would be a dedicated email address to post to an #Australia category, so I guess would work pretty much the same as the existing mailing list. I think it already works for replies to existing topics.

As soon as categories are setup, we can associate en email address to each of them which will allow to start a new topic just by sending an email to it.

It would be nice to setup this on the existing first “bootstrap” categories so that anybody can test it and be reassured that it will work.


Thanks for the confimation @cquest, that does sound good.

Would be nice to have a dedicated Australia category, and dare I suggest with the goal of eventually closing down talk-au.


Yeah, I must admit I do find Discourse much easier to follow and use than a mailing list. Especially for things that might need to be picked up again at a later date, it feels like it keeps things together better.


So I guess we wait till there is an Australia category?

I think we can just start posting, and tag with #australia, and then at some point if there’s enough activity and posts a category will be created… maybe? :man_shrugging:

The process to request a new category is still being discussed here

FYI, there is now a process to request new categories in these forums:

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