Another zoom level on the standard map?

Hi folks,

Is there any likelihood of getting an extra zoom level on the standard map?

I’ve started tagging the bars and restaurants in my local area and most of them don’t appear on the map because they are too close together. I’d like to be able to zoom in and see my finished product.

I’m guessing the problem is lack of server resources and the answer is simply “we can’t afford to”. I note that Google Maps goes another level of zoom beyond OSM, but on the other hand they’re made of money.



There have been discussions about the topic (e.g. here), but unfortunately the map remains capped at z18 to this day. The problem indeed appears to be that it may put too much strain on the servers - and there are some concerns about whether the map style would still look good at this zoom level.

I would definitely welcome z19, though. Even if it didn’t look perfect it would be a lot better than nothing.

Z19 might be useful especially in the city centres, as well as by indoor mapping of shopping centres/malls. Maybe it would be better to introduce one more zoom level only there, where it’s necessary? E.g. in larger cities. I don’t know about technical possibilities of this solution, but it may be a compromise between the servers load and the visibility on the areas with high density of POIs.