another question about exporting to my own server

i experience quite bad network speeds, so i have to wait in general about 7 seconds until the whole map reveals ( all the tiles are loaded ).

i looked up in the wiki but i did not manage to fully understand everything.

what i done so far: i have exported “pitesti.osm” ( Pitesti is the place where i live: 44,86 N 24,86 E ) and i think it is exported correctly ( xml file of about 1 MB ).

can anyone help me a little more on this ? i do not pretty much know what to do from here, and let me explain you why:

i have a server ( web-hosting server, debian 4, isp-cp powered: apache2, php4&5, mysql5, and installed by me for testing purposes: lighttpd with php and mysql support ). my server is not very powerful ( AMD Athlon clocked at 1.2 GHz with 512 MB of RAM, and a 80 GB HDD, 80% free ).

what would i need to install ( and do ) so that i can load the tiles ( i think the tiles ) from my server using openlayers ?

we could discuss the subject from here.

Kosmos can render your osm files if you want to immediately see the changes you’ve done. Kosmos can also generate image tiles for use with openlayers.

yes, but Kosmos is for Windows. i explained very clear that i have Debian.
i saw that i need mapnik and osmarender, but i don’t pretty know how to install and configure them, and since my server is a hosting server, i can not afford to make mistakes.

To Nyems defense I missed that too. I know people are working on getting everything to be easier to install on Debian, if that is ever going to be finnised is another question. :slight_smile:


  1. Install Mapnik
  2. install postgres
  3. install osm2pgsql
  4. import your osm files.

It’s that “simple”… he!

I Saw that Enrico (a Debian Devel), Just tried installing mapnik on Lenny, using the instructions for sid, and it seemed to work fine for him…