Announcing📣: US boundary tagging QA checker

I’ve updated the tool to handle the case of multiple CDPs in one state with the same name :face_exhaling: The reports have all been updated.

If someone wants to tell me how to resolve the misspelling cases, I’ll be happy to make a fix :smiley:

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If this were any other misspelling, you’d add two name (P2561) statements to the item. Source “Bensville” to the U.S. Census, change its rank from “normal” to “deprecated”, and add a reason for deprecated rank (P2241) of misspelling (Q1984758). The deprecated rank prevents the statement from showing up in any query unless the query specifically asks for it.

In this case, it’s better to split out a new item to cover the CDP; that item can have a different name.

Hey. This is amazing stuff!

I was headed somewhere similar at one point. I had an app that I was using to store city and county relations in California, state boundaries in the US, Colombia, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, etc…

I also have ‘US Federally Recognized Native American Reservations’. See Relation: ‪Choctaw Nation / Chahta Okla‬ (‪9405539‬) | OpenStreetMap - Choctaw Nation as an example. I will see if I can see, in your code, where you are doing things.

I am not sure how much I can contribute. I was doing a server app with java and then python and mysql. I have taken JS off my resume as it just gets me too much noise from recruiters.

I was trying to do verifications, also. Well, first I was verifying the boundary was closed (or was several closed shapes), but there could be more done.

Anyway, great app. I look forward to seeing what other people come up with for it and what improvements we can make.

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