Announcing OpenStreetCam competition

Hi folks,

We (Telenav map team) are holding an OpenStreetCam image capture competition. In case you’re not familiar, OpenStreetCam is an open source / open data street level imagery collection platform for OSM. It is widely used to help improve OSM (through iD and JOSM) but there is not a lot of coverage in Australia yet. So with this competition we’re hoping to start to change that.

More details here:

The TL;DR is: collect as many OSC images as you can between now and Jan 31, the top 3 contributors get $100 / $25 Amazon gift cards!

Happy mapping / capturing!

Hi there,
for a start, your prompting actually got me to download and try out openstreetcam - so I guess that achieved its purpose. I actually drive very little, so I doubt I’ll be troubling the leaderboard, but it all went really smoothly. Nicely built app.

Further than that, though, your post caught my eye because I’d long given up on Telenav/Skobbler as a dead product/company. To see someone who actually identifies as coming from the company really surprised me.

I’ve used your Scout maps on iOS for a good few years, and find them great - especially when travelling overseas. I bought the ‘world’ package, and it’s been very helpful.

I’d love to do use your maps to store favourites - an alternative to Google Maps. Unfortunately, your web map platform at is so buggy, and has been for 18 months at least, that it’s completely unusable. Even the skobbler forums have now turned on me, can’t log in to find the old bug reports I lodged. Says I’m locked out, won’t send me a password reset. Honestly, the level of tech failure is so high I’m struggling to take this latest initiative seriously.

I want you to succeed. Your iOS stuff feels solid, and well built. But what’s going on there with the other stuff - especially the web maps?

Hi woowoowoo,

Thanks for trying out OSC and I am glad you like it.

The Scout apps (there is a different Scout app for the US market only) are still around and keep receiving updates, but it is hard to be competitive in a space with so many ‘free’ offerings.

On the OSM side, we have successfully launched OSM maps in Toyota and Lexus cars in the US and Canada, something we are really proud of – it is the first appearance OSM maps make in in-car navigation.

I can connect you with our web team who can hopefully address the issues with the map platform. Send me a PM with your email and we will sort it out.

Hi all,

We have the results for the most prolific OpenStreetCam contributors for Australia for the period Dec 1 - Dec 24:

#1 —> robbie-bloggs with 127971 points
#2 —> steve91 with 65470 points

Congratulations to you both, you have just won yourselves an $25 Amazon gift card! Please get in touch with me so I can arrange (virtual) delivery.

It’s not over yet though. This was just the holiday mid point of the competition. At the end of January there will be three more prizes ($100 / $25 / $25) for the overall top contributors for the months of December and January.

If you haven’t started capturing yet, no worries. New, not yet covered roads get you 10x points. That adds up pretty quickly. For example, this 20km trip is worth more than 6000 points:


Martijn van Exel

Hi all,

I am not sure if user robbie-blogs is reading on this list – if you are, please get in touch to get your gift card.

For all others, the competition is still ongoing and you have until Jan 31 to make your way into the top 3 contributors over the months of December 2018 and January 2019 and win a $25 or $100 gift card.

Some stats so far: we started at 126 752 images in Australia on Dec 1, now we are at 330 648 covering 8882 km of which 6293 unique.

Happy mapping / capturing :slight_smile: