Announcing AnyFinder app for iOS

I would like to announce the availability of the new app AnyFinder for iOS. More info is available here:

AnyFinder helps you to finds places of interest (POIs) near you or near a certain location. There are more than 60 types of places (called collections) already defined and you can add your own collections as well. Collections with OSM as a source are basically custom Overpass queries to OSM. So you can create your very own custom queries and use the results in the app.

This is the initial release and some features are still under development. At the moment we are only supporting a limited number of tags to display, but this will chance shortly with our new tag engine that is under active development. Also adding POIs to OSM is not supported yet but will be available some time in the future. We want to make addings POIs as easy and foolproof as possible, so we don’t want to rush this feature.

I welcome any suggestions, ideas, feedback, criticism and want to thank the community for this great database.