Announcement:,a free traffic speed information system

I’m announcing the beta test phase for, an Openstreetmap based traffic speed information system. This is a free-to-use, crowd-based system for handheld devices to provide up-to-date traffic speed information of the traffic at your location.

I wasn’t happy with existing systems to see traffic jams on my way to work, I can take alternate routes to work but there wasn’t really a good system to help me making a quick decision which route to take. This systems does this.

With the end of alpha testing, all features of the current development phase are fully enabled. We’ve been doing alpha testing in US/Oregon for the past couple of months so it’s time to open this up to a larger audience now. It’s working world wide even though I’m measuring latency to the US west coast servers to see how servers on other continents need to be distributed.

Traffic data is provided by users that use the handheld’s GPS to access traffic information. Everyone who sees this posting is probably going to be the first user in your area so the best way to create a base coverage is to use it with a group of friends or coworkers that have a similar way to work.

More details at: