Annapurna district

Hi Guys, in few weeks we get field papers from district Annapurna with street names. This should be first district in Nepal with full street naming coverage. So please to check inside of if we have all ways collected. Thanks in advance! Marek

Is there any tool that allows us to inspect/detect the broken boundaries?. Sometimes, while adding lower admin_level boundaries we might broke higher level admin boundaries mistakenly. Please share such tool with which we can easily inspect broken admin boundaries.

  1. While editing boundaries with JOSM, JOSM indicates broken boundaries when you start the upload. But not all such errors can be detected by JOSM.

  2. To find all boundary errors, you can use OSM Inspector | Geofabrik Tools and choose their „areas“

The problem of Nepal is: there are a lot broken level=8 boundaries.

Oh, I just saw that most of the level=8 boundary errors where made by me.
While mapping ward boundaries, I did not download the level=8 boundaries.

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