Android app with osm and Mapsforge

Hello !

I have to realise an Android application which use OpenStreetMap’s data and the Mapsforge API.
I try to find in the API the class which can create a map from the .xml of OpenStreetMap. But during my research I’ve only found the class for download it on the openstreetmap server. Do you have some information about this class ?

Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:


Mapsforge uses an own binary format for the map data.

And it’s not possible to use other format than .map like .svg or to generate a .map with osmarender ?

Whithout knowing the sourcecode and mapsforge’s internals I would say: No, you cannot use SVG files or pre-rendered stuff from osmarender.

Because mapsforge has its OWN renderer to display the map data.

So why do you want to use SVG or Osmarender stuff?

I want to use osmarender and the .svg map because it was my idea at the beginning of the projet.
We would develop an application wich use the mapsforge api to download .xml map file on the openstreetmap server, generate .svg with osmarender and view/modify the map with mapsforge.
So I have to use .map on Mapsforge … And where can I download these files ? Is it possible to download them with mapsforge ?


Within 30 seconds looking at mapsforge’s website I found

There are instructions how to generate own map files.

Ok ! Thanks.