An open source postcode for Ireland

Ireland doesn’t have a post code system [a.k.a. ZIP code.] There was an attempt by previous governments to implement one but it seems to have been delayed indefinitely.

I was recently made aware of a project attempting to create an “open source” post code for Ireland.

It seemed like an interesting idea with possibilities so I thought I’d flag it up here for anyone who might be interested.

See more at

and there’s a discussion about it on

Old topic I know but Loc8 tried to bring out postcodes - and I believe once again An Post have been directed to do it by the government so it will probably be messed up or cost 50 million to do!

A very old topic now, but just to update this, Ireland has recently introduced an official postcode system.
Unfortunately, thanks to some dubious decisions at political level it costs thousands of euro per annum to access bulk postcode data.
This does not bode well for OSM use, or indeed Google maps or Sat Nav applications.