An area's address wrongly shows inside another

Area A is sub-area of Area-B.
Yet Area-B is shown to be inside/sub area of Area-A.

Hope I’m able to make myself clear.
I don’t understand how can I correct this!!

Shared the screenshot from within google drive and google photos, yet doesn’t show in preview.

You haven’t indicated what the problem is. What are you defining as “Area A” and “Area B”? How should they be associated with each other? Without any names, it’s hard to tell what you’re seeing and what isn’t correct.

I can see the first image by right-clicking and opening in a new tab:

You have searched for Amrik Singh Road, and circled the result returned by Nominatim: “Amrik Singh Road, Veer Colony, Bathinda, Bhatinda, Bathinda, Punjab, 151001, India”.

You can see more details of how Nominatim interprets this address here:

Presumably you think there is something wrong with this result - what is the issue specifically? Which areas are you referring to as A and B? Without knowing the area nothing stands out as unusual.