Ammenity:dentist not displayed in the tiles

I’ve put such a tag on a building and on a point in JOSM, and now there’s no mark on those places. Is amenity:dentist in use or planned to be used?

This is an “official” tag.

If it’s rendered in Mapnik or Osmarender is another question (depends how important the
feature is considered).


Hi, it’s more that two years later and it still doesn’t work. in JOSM it looks fine but in potlatch it says that’s unknown tag. should i use amenity:doctors instead? or is it just going to be fixed?
edit: nope, doctors also doesn’t work…

Even if I cannot give you any good news:


damndog: if you add a trac ticket for Potlatch 2 then we can look at adding it to the presets.