American English language option

I would like to see American English as a language option. I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t like “slogging” through the British English. Like have highway instead of motorway, just fish instead of fishmonger, etc. And more things that are found in the U.S. Like donut shops, dump stations (for RV’s), etc.

Editors are the way to present mapping options to the mapper in their local language. There are not currently enough mappers in the US to justify our own locale. The actual tag name shouldn’t matter, and there is value in using the same tag worldwide. For example amenity=petrol_station: POI applications only know a single amenity tag to show the nearest gas stations anywhere in the world.

There is some talk of creating US-only TagInfo which could automatically be mined by the newest editors such as ID. That should allow popular US tags to show up quickly in the US presets.

Theoretically, if there were enough US mappers and language maintainers, US English could be added to the JOSM language options.

Yes i agree with your point of view and i think American English is better and i am also want same to you. I hope this problem is solved.