amenity=parcel_locker carto rendering

there is an ongoing discussion on GitHub about showing parcel lockers on the main map.
It’s not clear whether the proposed icon is intuitive enough and I would appreciate your comments.

Link to discussion with images:

Please do not cross-post the same topic in unrelated country-pages. There are currently only 34 POI mapped. None in the countries you cross-posted. As in US, there is a single one, leaving comment here for further discussion.

I believe you misunderstood my intention. It’s not an ad, I’m trying to get opinions from people from different cultural backgrounds. I don’t see a better way than to reach out to those communities directly via community-specific channels.

To your second point:

  1. it’s amenity=parcel_locker not parcel_lockers
  2. most features were not retagged yet from old tagging using amenity=vending_machine which was deprecated by recent proposal:
  3. the number is not relevant at all, the question is about icon design

You are right. I made a typo in my query. Still cross-posting to thirteen forums is in my opinion still unwanted.

I sort of understand your motivation, but with the same rationale you could discuss a lot of other tagging or rendering questions with communities not involved.

There is a tagging mailing list. Probably people interested in discussing tagging also like to discuss your rendering tropic.

parcel_locker is something mainly mapped in central/east europe:

So the main users of whatever icon will be on the map are within the countries which added the tags, but you not asked them. At least not in your cross-post.