Amenity in(side) amenity (JOSM)

When i draw a parking (amenity) inside a school yard (amenity) , JOSM protests , yet, when i see this drawing on wiki ;
that parking is an amenity in(side) a school (amenity), can someone explain me pls …

In most cases it is incorrect to have an amenity inside an amenity. That is why someone wrote a validation test for this.
In your case it is perfectly correct to have the parking inside the school and you can ignore the warning.

After all a warning is just a warning, telling you : "hey there might be something incorrect with the data. "

ps. Or do you see an error (stop sign) ?

I ignored the warning, and it renders correct on OSM ;

I’m not sure that’s true - I can think of lots of valid examples in addition to this one.

Of course, if there is a problem with JOSM’s suggestions then log a bug with JOSM. Whenever I’ve done that in the past I’ve found the maintainers very responsive and helpful.


An obvious example is amenity=college/university. Within such a campus you could fine amenity=cafe, amenity=drinking_water, amenity=library, various parking-related amenity tags, amenity=atm, amenity=fountain, amenity=bench, amenity=waste_basket, etc., etc…

Can you explain what you mean by “JOSM protests”? I just tried it myself with the latest version (10966), and I didn’t get any warnings or errors from the validator about having an amenity inside an amenity (even if I enable information level warnings). I tried both an amenity=school and amenity=university with parking inside them, and got no “protests”.