Amenity=fuel, shop=convenience and Garmin code 0x2e06

When I mapped some OpenStreetMap POIs to 0x2e06, my Garmin Edge 705 displayed the POIs using the fuel station symbol and listed them both in the “convenience store” (in Finnish: ”Lähikauppa”) and “fuel station” (”Huoltoasema”) menus.

Does anyone know of a “convenience store” code that does not also mean a “fuel station”? It would be nice to have distinct menus for supermarkets and convenience stores.

To take advantage of the code 0x2e06, it seems worthwhile to distinguish “cold” (unmanned) fuel stations from service stations that sell fuel as well as convenience store items. Any ideas how to do that? I’ve been thinking of a combination of amenity=fuel,shop=convenience.

My Finnish routeable map is at

For what it is worth, mkgmap r976 introduces the mapping of amenity=fuel,shop=convenience to 0x2e06. One such point already existed in finland.osm.bz2 (not added by me).