I’m suggesting we use amenity=events_venue for places where people usually have a wedding, or a Brith, or whatever they want to celebrate.

Any thoughts?


I’m not sure it’s an amenity but it’s neither a leisure. How are conference and concert halls marked? This should be something similar if not equal.

It’s not a leisure.

Your examples were made as proposals under amenity.

Looking at the Map Features, amenity (under Entertainment, Arts & Culture) contains values like arts_centre, cinema, nightclub, theatre, etc.


Then amenity it is :slight_smile:
By the way, how indeed do I mark a conference center? Maybe events venue should be used for it too?

There’s an undecided proposal here:
And there are about 10 uses of it, as can be seen here:


I have two or three more of those mapped as “community_centre” until I saw this thread.

Shouldn’t we make this a proposed feature at


I noticed that… :wink:

It’s a feature unique to Israel, but I guess it won’t hurt to propose it.