according this ;

but… there is also assembly hall and function hall and reception hall and banquet hall
how to tag then a privatefunction hall’ (=feestzaal in Dutch language) ? :roll_eyes:

See amenity=events_venue

confusing … isn’t it ? Because ‘events’ could happen everywhere, even on a meadow :stuck_out_tongue: … Wouldn’t it be better to add at Tag:amenity=community_centre the possibilty for example ;
+ community_centre= * … ( where * = village_hall or church_hall or [assembly_room](Assembly rooms) or meeting_house or conference hall or reception_hall/banquet_hall or … ? :wink:

Not really

No, it wouldn’t make sense to tag lots of things that are not community centres as community centres. Also, your wikipedia links aren’t relevant to OSM at all.

What is then the difference in the (OSM) definition between a community centre and a events venue ??? :roll_eyes:

An amenity=community_centre is usually publically funded or receives subsidies from the local municipality, and likely freely accessible, although maybe also charging money for some types of events. An amenity=events_venue is usually a commercial entity, charging money for all of its use and making profit of it.

Er - the difference between the two OSM wiki pages that you’ve just quoted? There’s a big difference between “public locations where members of a community tend to gather for group activities” and “A stand-alone facility, used to hosting a variety of events, such as formal dinners, dinner-dances, weddings or other celebrations”.

By the way, I am finding it difficult to tell whether you’re asking genuine questions here or engaging in a bit of light online trolling (the whatboutery, random quoting, links to non-OSM sites and excess smilies would suggest the latter, but hopefully it’s just a location/culture difference that’s causing me to think that).

OK, tnx, makes sense … better someone make your ‘definition’ here also on those amenity=events_venue- and amenity=community_centre-tag wiki descriptions then, to avoid confusing … :wink:

nope, because sometimes those 2 definitions are applicable for 1 building

and by the way, a ‘events venue’ is in Dutch language a evenementenhal (here is wikidata of it) , and is a whole different ‘thing’ then what is ‘described’ as a function hall on OSM wiki …

think whatever you want … it’s a ‘free’ world … :stuck_out_tongue:

An events venue is every “Feestzaal” next to a pub. They are not owned by the community. Other event venues are buildings (e.g. castles) that one can rent for e.g. weddings.

A community center is a building made available by the community where the retired people can come together to play cards.
Another one that I tag as community center is “parochiezaal” (a building associated with the parich and where e.g. families gather after a funeral)

Another type of community centre are the club homes of the local sport clubs (see

I also tag the club homes of the KSA, KSJ, etc as community centre. Those are similar to scouts, but have either catholic or socialist roots.

a “club home of the local sport clubs”(as wel as other facilities) can be both , that is why i mentioned above ; " because sometimes those 2 definitions are applicable for 1 building"

In OSM context, this looks more like amenity=conference_centre

you mean when a sport club allows other people to rent their building for parties ? I would still not map it as a events_venue. The primary purpose is still club home. Of course there will be cases where a building is a club home 50% of the time and 50% of the time an event venue, but they are rare, not ?

You can always place 2 nodes within the building, or map the primary purpose on the building and the secondary as node inside.

on the wikidata of event venue is a linking to OSM tag though … and in my opinion also better ‘suited’ , because a ‘venue’ is 'a place where events of a specific type are held’ and a meeting place :wink:
Tag:amenity=events_venue could be also ‘all-encompassing’ for all the ‘proposed’ features on this page