amenity=bicycle_pump should be converted to amenity=compressed_air?


I’m very new to OSM.

There are 7 amenity=bicycle_pump nodes that I can find in the world, most in Europe and a few in Australia. Would I be correct in saying these should be converted to amenity=compressed_air? Obviously I’m not near all of them, but I can fix the ones near me with the correct details.


For me, it’s always a bad idea to retag nodes to something else when you did not visit the place in person. It’s better to contact the previous mapper and tell them that there is a better schema to tag the object.

Yep, that makes sense. What I’d like more clarity on though (sorry I didn’t make this clearer) is: is this definitely considered a mistake?

I’m not too familiar with OSM procedures, but it’s my understanding that it’s more consensus than some central authority deciding on tags. I could see a logic to it either way (a bicycle_pump could be manual, where a compressed_air could be automatic), but it seems to me that if there’s only 7 of them, you can make a case that it should be eliminated, and maybe another property added to compressed_air saying whether it’s manual or automatic.

I guess I’ll just go ahead and change the few near me, see what happens.


Yes, that’s changing without knowledge. The tag may have been selected deliberately.

Someone changed a shop nearby to a healthfood shop but they specialise in supplements. I had deliberately set the previous tag and this gives me extra work. Luckily I noticed it.

Our special value for OSM is the knowledge of our local neighbourhood.

I meant is the tag considered a mistake :slight_smile:

If it’s more than just a pump, then something like might be a better tag. To find out you’d need to visit each of those 7 sites, or ask someone familiar with them (perhaps the last mapper?).

Generally speaking, almost no tag is a “mistake” just because it’s not used much - the exceptions are things like misspellings and the use of a tag to mean X when it normally means Y in OSM.

Near to where I live is a bicycle_pump and I have mapped it as amenity=bicycle_pump because it is the closest tagging for its purpose. A single pump, firmly attached to the ground and operated manually.
My question: how to tag the manual operation? Something like operation=manual? Don’t know if ‘operation’ is a valid tag?

Edit: I found a tag: “pump=manual” - is this allright?

It seems to me that they’re being treated as duplicates. At the minute there’s no wiki page for bicycle_pump and renderers like ignore it, and the description on the wiki page for compressed_air seems to include manual pumps. Unfortunately I don’t have any compressed_airs near me to check if any of them are manual (maybe someone reading this does?)

I’m waiting for a response from the mapper who marked the closest one to me (there’s another one near me marked as a repair_station, but I’m pretty sure that’s in error and it’s just a pump - I’ll check next time I’m near).

I’ll post back if we come to any conclusions. Thanks all.

The talk page here suggests that’s taken by water pumps.

Why should’nt it be valid for other types of pumps like a bicycle_pump? If ‘pump=manual’ is reserved for water pumps only , then every type of pump must have its own specific operation tag(s). Sounds unlogical for me.