Amazon locker (yellow self service cabinets)

I’m new to Openstreetmap editing.

I’d like to map an Amazon locker (ie the self service lockers you visit to collect/return goods).
I have marked this as a point as I could not find a relevant symbol eg Cafe.

Is there a better way to do this?

We have something similar in Germany from DHL (parcel delivery service):

We are talking about

Please delete the name tag, as that is not the name. The chances are that it doesn’t have a name, although it will have an operator, which would be Amazon, and some map renderers will use the operator in default of a name. “(Yellow self service parcel collection locker)” is even less acceptable in a name, although it could be in the description.

Whilst some addr: variants are almost main tags, you don’t have a main tag. I would say this needs an amenity main tag.

It looks like there is a proposal here:

Thank you to both Pherison and hadw for your help.

I’ve made some changes as suggested by hadw and labelled it as a vending machine.