AM:PM - supermarket or convenience store?

Most branches of this chain are tagged as supermarket, but some are tagged as convenience stores.

Which of these is the correct tag for this chain? we should be consistent.

I am not sure there is a “the” correct tag; it’s perfectly possible that different branches should be tagged differently. (Larger branches as supermarket and smaller branches as convenience)

The wiki pages are:

They suggest:

If we follow this distinction it would mean most “supermarkets” in Tel Aviv should be tagged as “convenience stores” instead.

I think the size matters, but the push trolley distinction might not be the best one to use, because there’s a huge difference in selection and types of products between say AM:PM and gas station shops like Menta. You can’t really expect to be able to get all your grocery shopping done in a gas station convenience store or even a small מכולת/פיצוציה, but you can expect to get all your grocery shopping done in AM:PM or Shufersal Express or סופר יודה, even if they don’t have trolleys.

This may be true, but it’s not an objective criterion. Can you suggest one?

How about tagging the number of tills? That’s objective and could be used (by routers, renderers, etc) as a proxy for the size of the shop.

Ah. The classical Paradox of the Heap.

Usually it’s obvious and undebatable whether something is a supermarket or a convenience. And I’d say if it’s not obvious or if debatable, then the distinction probably doesn’t matter. Pick one randomly.

I think there’s no objective definition, it’s a spectrum.

Could you link to specific ones that are tagged as convenience shops? The bot currently looks for AM:PM supermarkets. It’s supposed to warn me when something has an unexpected shop value, and convenience is unexpected for the bot, but I don’t recall such errors and I wonder why.