Alternatives for map (outdoors related)

As many mappers who like to map paths in the nature I am very frustrated with the latest change in the main map style at

highway=path and highway=footway are now rendered similar as red dots. Nor more nice black dashed lines for highway=path.

I suggest to collect and discuss alternatives for the main OSM map (outdoors related).

The main requirement for inclusion in the list is a nice style for highway=path and more or less frequent map updates

I don’t want to rehash the footway / path argument, so I won’t, but I suspect what people actually want to see on an “outdoors” map will vary greatly based on where they’re located, whether contours or hillshading would be an essential or an encumbrance, how footpaths / paths are mapped where they are and what transport they use.

Here’s someone local to me’s take on it: One of the key points made there is that outdoors an offline rather than an online map is what matters.

However, if a web map is what you want, it’s actually not that difficult to create your own tiles using by following and front-ending it with a simple leaflet map (see and If you want to use a copy of the OSM stylesheet as it was at a certain point in the past, you can - see and

My take on an “outdoors” map is designed to show England and Wales’ curious access permissions and path width and consists of a lua style file (to avoid the need for complicated SQL in the stylesheet) and stylesheet and looks like this:
rather than .

As such it won’t be much use to mappers outside of England and Wales as it stands, but if you want to combine the values of various OSM tags (perhaps width, surface, smoothness, mtb:scale, sac_scale etc.) to create a “pseudo tag” to render, then those two repositories should show you how to do that.


Web map is important for hike planning.