Alternative Base Layers?

Hello all,

I noticed some great looking Base Layers on and am curious where to find some of them:

OSM Landscape
OSM Transport
Esri Topographic

Does anyone know if these are downloadable for personal use? Also, I see google maps satellite imagery is listed as a Base Layer. I’m guessing a Map Proxy is used to display this data directly from Google? Is that correct?

Are these Base Layers just WMS layers that are displayed by Open Layers? Or are some of them actually imported into a local GIS aware database the same way OSM data is imported?


The first two are from and afaik not opensource (in case you meant that by “downloadable”) but use only OSM as datasource (and maybe something for Hillshading). The Esri-Style appears to not use OSM.

Hello Joe,

we have some alternative tile based layers according to