alphabetic address-interpolation failed

I’ve noticed several times, that address interpolation for odd/even numbers is working fine, so that any address in between can be found, e.g. Tarpenbekstraße 8, Norderstedt.

But for numbers with alphabetic suffixes it is not working at all: e.g.

  1. Schilfgrund 15c, Norderstedt
  2. Fliederweg 3B, Hamburg

Have you experienced the same? Is it a programming bug or am i doing something wrong?

Seems that Nominatim doesn’t support addr:interpolation=alphabetic.
It’s not use very often:

I think it is recommend to create a single node for each address instead of using addr:interpolation=* anyway.

it’s listed and should work - but it doesn’t - when it’s not working, i can understand, that it is not used often… whom to address to fix it?

Source code is here: