Allow long words in titles

Creation of thread named Consider operational_status=out_of_order as deprecated? was blocked, Consider operational_status = out_of_order as deprecated? worked.

Can we disable role disallowing long words in titles?

Message is

Title seems unclear, one or more words is very long?

I found workaround but it may not be obvious for all and sometimes may not work. Also, we have German-language subforum, right?


The current configuration is

I’m not sure if there is another more reasonable limit, I guess that would depend on people’s need in titles. How often has people faced this issue?

Let’s ask the question the other way around: How often are we confronted with titles that actually have words in them that are too long? I’m in favour of deactivating that rule / setting it to 99.

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In general, a principle that has been followed is to not modifying the default Discourse protections unless that was a clear consensus that a lot of people are negatively affected and it’s considered that we are not lowering security/protections or introducing side-effects.

My understanding is that this setting is there to avoid titles that break the UI and introduce annoying line breaks and noise.

In the example from the first message, I think it can be easily bypassed just adding spaces in the title.

I would suggest to keep the setting this way for now and reevaluate if more people is affected, and in that case clearly evaluate a reasonable increase.

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The problem is that vast majority will not report such problems.

And in turn, people reporting such problems (like me) are often poor representation of a typical user.

I don’t see how this is something where we have to wait if “more people are affected”, as this is not a personal problem: OSM-Tags can be quite long and don’t have spaces in them. So this rule does not fit for our community and should be changed.


What would be a reasonable limit in your opinion seeing the average length of tags?

I would prefer no limit, as questions may be asked about unusual tags and I do not see benefit of this word limits.

But I would start from doubling to 60 if we need to keep it (doubling/halving limit on hitting it, with binary search in case of hitting limit from both sides, is a good initial heuristic)

OK, let’s try with max word length 60 for now and see what happens.

/cc @Firefishy FYI