Allotments in LB Bromley?

I’m a newbie here, with a specific initial project, which is to move from using a Google Map for a web site I did a while back for allotments in the London Borough of Bromley. I used Joomla for that, but have now moved to using Wordpress, which is another reason I want to update it.

I just did some hacking around using the Wordpress OpenStreetMap Plugin, and produced this, which tells me I could produce something, but there will be much better ways.

I see from the documentation for that plug in that it can use a kml file - which I have experience of creating - so ATM I’m thinking of creating one, and including in it pop ups and links to the various allotment association web site (when they have them). But there should also be a way of using OSM tags, such as




to specify allotments within the London Borough of Bromley.

Is there anyone who could help me here? Maybe I’m being a bit lazy, since I’m sure I could get there eventually on my own, but I’d prefer to get there faster by trading content for help. Happy also to meet up with anyone else interested in adding other content locally - there are several other projects I would like to do once I get the hang of using OSM :slight_smile:

OK - just been thinking about this more. It seems by far the easiest for me is to create a kml file, so that is what I’ll do. The alternative would seem to be to create my own set of tiles, in which I would render areas with the tag landuse=allotments more prominiently, i.e. as indicated here

At the back of my mind is the general question - “With all the amazing open source data uploaded to OpenStreetMaps, how can it be downloaded?”, to which a kind of answer is "Not as easily as you might wish, because having people running ad hoc requests - such as “get me all the areas within the boundary of the LB of Bromley with landuse tagged as allotment” - would very quickly overwhelm the OSM servers, but that creating my own special set of tiles is one way I can get and then visually display the output from such a query.

But is there a way just to get the raw data, e.g. as KML with a set of 51 polygons for the 51 allotment sites in the borough?

Sorry - hope I’m not wasting too many people’s time. I think I need to explore Exporting from the Wiki

The usual way of getting raw data without boggling the OSM servers is the Overpass API - a third-party service, but a hugely useful one.

(Incidentally, very few UK users use this forum - more can be found on the talk-gb mailing list or the #osm-gb IRC channel.)