all of europe?


I’m quite new to this… been using garmins for years, and buying their maps. I was riding the London Edinburgh London bike ride and about 1/3 of the way thru, my garmin stopped booting with the message loading maps. At this point I was following another kind soul and trying to get my garmin to reboot at the same time when I tried to take the map microsd out, and of course it flew out into the road and was lost. Explained this to garmin and they said “too bad, buy another SD for £75” so that’s the end of my relationship with garmin and I would like to participate in this project. In the mean time, I need a replacement for my Europe City navigator NT maps. I think I have just about got a handle on downloading a countries maps onto SD now, but I was wondering if it is possible to download all europe in one map? All of CN NT fit on a 2GB microSD, I now have two 4GB microSDs and it looks like I can download each country, which I will do, but if I could have all of europe as one map on one 4GB sd it would be nice.

Sorry if this has been asked a million times before, but as I said, I’ve been pushed into this by garmin, I have a multi EU country road trip coming up and I need to get up to speed quickly.

Thanks for any pointers or advice, I appreciate it.

You can download my bike maps at
It depends on your unit if whole Europe will fit because it’s > 4 Gb. Older units like the old Etrex series or GPSMAP 60 can handle only one mapset < 4 gb.
If you have a newer unit (Oregon, Dakota etc) multiple mapsets of max. 4Gb can be read on a single micro SD card.