all buildings moved - how can that happen?!


I mapped some buildings and they were all fine. A few days later pretty all buildings have moved a few meters south, but only the buidlings. I am not able to spot how that can happen. I am 100% that I haven’t drawn the buildings in the middle of the road. In the version of these objects I am not able to see that someone else has changed them.

Look at the houses pretty much in the center, all of a sudden a road goes through these houses. Do I have to fix all these houses now manually? There are lots of houses which have moved.


see for example here:
so it seems whb moved them… is also a nice tool to track changes like that.
i think you should talk to whb and/or revert his changes. i haven’t looked at the other stuff in his changeset, though.

thanks, I looked at the buidling’s change set and not the node’s change set. probably good newbie mistake…


did you adjust the background image with the GPS traces you can download with the editor before entering or modifying data?

It looks like the buildings you entered on one day are created with a different position of the background aerial photo than those you entered on an other day. For example this house is touching the road in my editor and should be moved about two meters to direction north west as also the two buildings on both sides of this building on the north side of the street.

It looks like user whb uses an other Hi-Res background aerial photo, but Bing/Microsoft told us, that they made new aeriel photos of Germany this year and are now processing them. In some regions I have seen these new photos.

If you like, we also have a forum with gearman speaking users here, which is visited by many more people than this one.