Alignment of sat imagery and map might be wrong - what now?

I’m in the process of creating scenery for a software flight simulator. Scenery happens to be kind of BFE, far eastern Russia, Evensk. I’m using an editor made for that software, it allowes me to use a slippy map based on ESRI. The software itself uses OSM data to create generic buildings and roads. Once I made major parts for my airport and looked at it in the sim I found it does not match properly, it’s off by about 10 meters. I used an identifiable surface point to compare, and I found all sat imagery (Yandex, Bing, Google) having that point where my editor has it, only OSM and the included Bing slippy has it different. So the sim’s autogen and therefore OSM including Bing slippy map seem to be the culprit here. Seems like whoever edited that place just used the slippy without checking. Is there anything I could do?

tl;dr: OSM data including slippy seem to be misplaced, what now?

Maybe you can find some hints at ?