Airport road שדרות התעופה HaTeufa Trunk => Secondary

I would like to hear your opinion on changing the Ben Gurion airport road named Hateufa that connects to the exit from trunk => secondary.


This is the only exception after our new road classification for motorway, trunk, primary.
No other road has no ref tag in Israel (I checked that :)).

As I’m aware of the good condition of the road I know its freeway like.
But as it has afaik no number. It is simply not a public road and I’m very sure its considered as private because its on the airport with his high security definitions.
No ref means maximum secondary.

If anybody has a problem with that change please tell us, me.

I don’t think it’s necessarily private just because there is security.
But you are correct about our rules.
I looked at some similar airport access roads worldwide, and in general they seem to be not marked as freeway.
So I agree with you.

Cool… You agree by the first attempt :wink:

I have changed the trunk to secondary.