Aerial photography

I’ve got a project for which I need much more detailed landuse data than we already have for the area in question. The project in question isn’t paying, I’m doing the project as a favour, but I am willing to buy aerial photography to derive the said data.

On I’ve looked at the area and to buy the aerial photography would cost £115, which I would be happy to pay. However I wouldn’t want to get this data and not put it into OSM.

Now I’ve looked through the licensing and it doesn’t mention anything about deriving data from the photography. I’m tempted to take that to mean it’s acceptable, as it’s not forbidden, but having followed various discussions in the open geo community for the last few years I am aware that we must be ultra careful.

So my question is: Do you think the use of this photography in this way is acceptable? - To OSM? - To

I will of course ask before I do anything but I want to know the general opinion here before I do that.

This thread on the talk-gb mailing list discussed using aerial photography. As far as I can tell, as long as the licence of the photographs allows it, there’s no problem.

Looking at GetMapping’s terms and conditions, these two paragraphs appear to say that the licence wouldn’t allow you to use them to derive OSM data:

I think you’d have to ask for permission to use their aerial maps, and they’d presumably charge extra for that. Let us know what they say.


A similar question has just been asked on the talk-gb mailing list.


Yeah I’d already considered those parts of the terms and conditions. As I said above I will certainly ask them before doing anything.

Cheers for that link, will read.