Advice for community mapping event organization? Need planning and resource assistance.

Hello everyone! I’m eager to organize a mapping event in my community and would be grateful for your guidance on the steps and available resources. Are there any recommended guidelines or templates for organizing such events? How can I effectively engage participants and manage logistics? Any advice on promotion or materials? Lastly, are there specific data collection priorities I should consider? Your insights and resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Never organizes such an event, but it sounds like an Mapathon:
If its more an Organised Editing of a closed group or company, see:


If you have the chance, you can try to get inspiration from other communities’ events. You might participate in it yourself and see how they do things, or just reach out to them to talk and learn. Have a look at to see if there are any events similar to what you’re planning.

I would also recommend having at least one reasonably experienced mapper present for your mapping event. They can be answer questions, give guidance, and help ensure that the results have a decent quality.