adresses of Car-dealer [occasion] and mechanics in France

hello dear community,

i need to have all the adresses of Car-dealer [occasion] and mechanics
in France

how to achieve this - how to obtain the data

[out:csv(::id,::type,“name”,“addr:postcode”,“addr:city”,“addr:street”,“addr:housenumber”,“website”," contact:email=*")][timeout:300];
area[name="France , Allemagne etc… "]->.a;
( node(area.a)[amenity=Car occasion - Renault];
way(area.a)[amenity=Car occasion - Renault];
rel(area.a)[amenity=Car occasion - Renault];);

any and all help willl be greatly appreciated.

we can go like this here:

This query looks for nodes, ways and relations
with the given key/value combination.
Choose your region and hit the Run button above!
// gather results
// query part for: “shop=car”
// print results
out body;

out skel qt;

bbox-data the system took a part of paris for the results - why is this so!? Guess
that we allways have to enter a sort of bbox-data that is corresponding to an area.
BTW - what if i want to have the whole france in the bbox - how to achieve that!?..

btw - a output in CSV would be very very interesting

any body?

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