Adress search on nuvi 205 (again)


I know this is a old topic, but my problems seems at least partially new.
Bought a nuvi 205(t), updated the firmware, installed a SD card with maps.
Then things got weird. I can search for some Street names, while other street names are not found at all. (tested different routable maps)
Taking for example i can find Munich with its local name “München” and it has no problem listing some streets:
But the perfectly displayed “Lothstraße”, not in the list and comes up emtpy on name search “Loth*”:
What exactly is going wrong here. Any advice is highly welcome
Edit: I am also having some weird rendering issues, something seems wrong, even after factory reset.

I solved it, converting the maps myself:

mkgmap --gmapsupp --drive-on=right --process-destination --process-exits --housenumbers --country-name=Deutschland --country-abbr=ger --latin1 --index --location-autofill=is_in --make-poi-index --poi-address --tdbfile --verbose --route 632*osm.pbf

Should this go in the Wiki?

Which wiki and how did you solve it?


Bad search results are often caused by missing mkgmap options. Maybe contact the mapmakers directly and show them how to fix those issues?

This would be a good idea. I’ve mentioned it but it would be nice if you could describe it more specific.