Administrative units missing in Albania?

I noticed Albania has a hole in its administrative units (admin_level=8). Is this normal?

According to a user in the OpenStreetMap Albania Telegram group is not, but he’s not sure he knows how to fix it. I don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, so I’m seeking input from a broader audience.

According to the table for Albania in wiki, it should be admin_level=8 for all communes, and in that hole the communes have admin_level=9 (while the communes at the rest of the country indeed have admin_level=8), so those few communes in that area should have their relations changed the tag admin_level=9 to admin_level=8. For example, this relation (Belsh Commune). (well, all of Albania’s administrative relations need a cleanup, but in terms of this case of the hole, just do the above with the admin_level :d).