administrative level

I notice some amphur are tagged ‘capital_level=6’, and Map Features agrees that it should be level 6, but this seems to refer to the style of the drawn boarder, not the administrative level of the entity (amphur).

Wikipedia and Geonames both call an amphur level 2. Map Features also does not recognize ‘capital_level’, but does recognize ‘admin_level’. Any thoughts?

PS: Somehow I missed the post stating that Geonames is not a valid source for OSM. Unfortunately, I’ve used it at least 100 times for village names recently (with source=geonames). I am now tracking them down and trying to match them with Thai gov databases. This will take some time. Doh!

The capital_level tag was introduced back in 2010 as a temporary measure to indicate amphoe seat status of place=* nodes. The number is supposed to match the admin_level tag.

Ideally, once we have boundary data for all amphoe and tambon, the capital_level tag will become redundant and may be safely discarded. Until then, though…