Administrative divisions of iceland

Hi OSM-Community,

i have a question about the missing administrative divisions of iceland.

There are no administrative divisions of iceland included in OSM. I mean the eight regions of iceland as seen here:

Is there any chance to get this (or any other administrative division) on the OSM map? I would do it myself, but i think this is a bit to big for an OSM-Newbie like me.

Thank you.

Iceland has a quite active local community. You are probably better off asking the question on the mailing list

Yes. The best way is to ask the community in Iceland directly as Simon said. They have the best knowledge about possible datasources etc.

Yes, you have to be familiar with boundary relations. If you need any help you can contact me via pm.

Edit: the boundaries were already in OSM. I’ve created some relations for the regions: (no time to finish it today)

Edit2: to which region belongs the island Kolbeinsey?

If you want to check or use the boundaries, this might be handy:

I wrote a diary post about fixing up boundaries, which might be handy for interested newbies: