Administrative boundaries

I am looking forward to adding administrative boundaries… my only concern is that, if I am going to request such kind of data from any related governmental agencies (e.g. JUPEM, Jabatan Tanah dan Galian), will I be able to get them? Or, must this involve someone official on behalf of OSM himself?

Just asking. We don’t have something like an ODbL for something like this yet.

take a look at the 1malaysia map below:

not sure which agency did this…maybe you can email them

cheers :slight_smile:

The administrative boundaries are important - without them, the address search will not work correctly.
Do the agencies publish the data somewhere? And if so, are there any statements regarding the copyrights / usage rights?
Here in some European countries, OSM received lots of data from government agencies. I do not know how that was organized, who established the contacts, talked to politicians, etc…

I already wrote to that 1Malaysia site, and received the usual response " Your question has been forwarded to the relevant departments for bla bla bla " :confused:

We’ll see…

update… they only share data with gov agencies. They told me to contact JUPEM.

Seems like a one way street at this point. We supply the data so that they get their fancy map website, but to get data from them… hmm… anyways, I’ll try to write to JUPEM, maybe we’ll get lucky.:wink:

Are the boundaries freely available from usable? They may not be the latest since EC has been making changes and will no doubt be making more changes.

According to the wiki,

and also there is a statement in the website itself, scroll to the bottom-most part,

When I first discovered the GADM website I thought there is no need to, let’s say, write to JUPEM to ask for the data. But it seems the GADM’s data is not really free to use, then let’s see if brother(?) Kucai managed to get any kind of reponse from JUPEM. Well, if not, then I would attempt to try to ask for it from any local authority (Majlis Perbandaran or if I am brave enough I would write to Setiausaha MB).