Administrative boundaries of Bristol

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I’m posting here because I’m doing an administrative map of England and came across this:

I would like to know what is the overlapping part, in black, between Wales and England. I saw that a note was opened 5 years ago also stating the confusion regarding these borders. Supposedly the borders were added by the “Welsh government”. I’m still finding it kind of fishy that Bristol would then be labeled English & Welsh.

Can any kind English/Welsh people comment on this? Do you know if it is factual?

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Yes, the boundaries are correct.

In practise there is not going to be a lot going on in that triangle so it doesn’t cause any issues. For fisheries purposes for example it’s part of the territorial waters of Wales. Note that the extension to the boundary of the City of Bristol does not include any land in this triangle, as it extends to just touch the corner of the islands. This anomaly was created way back in the 14th century.

Hi Colin, thanks for the reply and for telling me they are, indeed, correct.

I understand it’s supposedly a harmless anomaly, although I am curious to know of its origins. Can you tell me where I could find more information about this particular case, should you know of it?

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There was a discussion about this on one of the mailing lists - follow the thread from here:

Hope this helps to start you off!

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