Administration help - changed OSM username

User M!dgard changed their username to Midgard%20%F0%9F%97%BA (that renders as a neat worldmap). Now they can’t log in to the forum anymore. I’m an admin here, but I have no idea at all on how to fix that. Anyone here have an idea?

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I believe it is a known issue that at least some unicode characters cannot be used in usernames for the forum. Or in other words: patches welcome :-).

rorym should know more.

Strange is: you can look at without any problems.

next step: reset password?


Yup, see this issue:

That of course will not work, as the issue is with the display name. Unless the custom authentication in this forum gets fixed, you can either:
(1) Create a second account without funny unicode stuff, or
(2) just rename your user again.

Maybe you could also try your email address instead of providing the user name, although this might also fail when updating your username in the forum.

Do and this forum use the same “custom authentication plugin” mentioned by Tom in that thread?

I also wonder whether this only affects emojis and such or if some unicode character ranges used by real life languages are also broken.

Well, the forum uses the following patch to authenticate against

The code looks ok. maybe the db table or the forum sw can’t handle Unicode?

I don’t know what help.osm uses, probably the code is different, as osqa is written in python.

Thanks, I’ll send m!dgard this thread