Admin_level=4 with or without maritime boundaries

in some countries admin_level=4 are on the coastline. This in my opinion would be the the right way to mark a subnational border.
In Somalia and Yemen (countries where I’m working on) admin_level=4 are on maritime borders, as the national borders.

As I’m checking the relations and add the int_name, could I change this without harming nobody’s vision?

Hi. The right way is to mark the subnational border where the laws of each territory specifies them.

Before changing them, I would contact both local communities asking about the issue.

In the wiki page
there’s no indication about a community, so I sent messages to a couple Yemenite user I found.


Unfortunately some countries are having both: AL4 including the maritime area and AL4 following the coastline.

e.g. Ecuador

yellow: AL2
orange: AL4

Same in Chile and some other countries.

I think, most mappers adding AL4 to osm don’t know what is false or correct - had the same problem some years ago.


btw: Need to check what is wrong with El Piedrero(8). That should not be listed on this position of the tree.

Not Somalia and Yemen, but most countries, like Oman, UAE, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Libia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, India, Thailand, Malysia, Indonesia, China, korea, Japan …

Why? in the wiki maritime border may be in Internal borders.

That section in wiki pages is related to
CIT: “In the United States of America, NOAA nautical charts specify in Note X:”

So, there’s not a worldwide rule, but we should follow the single countries rules. I’m italian and I know here the maritime borders are applied just to the national borders.

I will try to investigate in the UN geoportal, but as the subnational borders are usually not a political matters, I don’t know if I can find an answer there.
[EDIT: checking against the UN geoportal, all the administrative borders are cut to the coastline. So I can’t get any information whether a country apply maritime boundaries to the admin_level 4/6 or not]

So, I think the definitive answer is asking to the local communities