Admin boundary import / Import data sempadan pentadbiran

Thank you very much for your update :). And I had noticed that Kuantan-Kemaman boundary very not accurate as Jabor (which is belongs to Terengganu), located in the Pahang side.

I would suggest you to do a Terengganu District update with Pahang and Kelantan boundary, at lease make it more accurate, thank you. (Same situation at Genting Highlands, actually most of all buildings are in Pahang):rolleyes:

I’ll try to complete this import from up north to down south. After Kelantan, it would be Pahang and then maybe Melaka. Then go up north again (Negeri Sembilan first) before trying my best to deal with Selangor('s local council boundaries)…

Yeah, wish me luck though.

Hopefully there’s a way getting open and free/libre data for (sub)districts of Perak, Terengganu, Johor, Selangor, Sabah and Sarawak.

Sunday night, 17th March:

Kelantan’s district import is done, and some improvements to Perak’s, Terengganu’s and Pahang’s border were made.

How abou now? Hope this import can be continued…

I admit that “life has got in my way” dedicated for OpenStreetMap in these few recent months. I’ll try to complete bit by bit, but then again, please just remind me to complete this import. Can’t promise any ETAs though.

Ok, I believe that all Malaysian OSMers will looking forward for your update. Life is more important but since OSM is a public project, someone (like us) will need to sacrifice our time to this. Anyway, you can just do this when you are free too…

Sorry to disturb, but I still dont see any progress till February 2020, hope that you can spend your precious time to finish these tasks, your works are appreciated.:slight_smile:

Sorry for the intermittent on/off progress. Quick update: I’ve already imported the district borders of the state of Pahang.

Hello, can you complete the import within this month? I do believe that you can spend some hours to finish this since outdoor activities are not allowed. TQ

Hi, I don’t connect to a stable, wired connection. There’s a risk of so many upload conflicts, if I happened to stop halfway during the import… and it’s not going to be resolved neatly due to a bad connection, then I really am going to have a good time.

No promises, but if I’m brave enough, I’ll try giving it another go.

(Isn’t it lovely. Weak connection, and I’ve got to refresh few more times to send this reply.)

FYI, I had done import for Negeri Sembilan also, checkup for boundary accurancy also not complete but I think it is already ok. Someone had added district boundaries for Johor. BTW he/she said that the source was from GeoJohor. I dont know this is legit or not.

I sent an email to them and will update as info becomes available.

How about that Sinar Project? Where’s the detail of its copyright/legality to use in OSM?
Seeing a boundary like this sourced from Sinar Project looks like bullshit questionable boundary data to me.

Yeah, it’s not counted as an open[1] data, unless the uploader shows any proof saying “yes, no problem uploading a copy of that into OpenStreetMap…” Best if there’s a copy of any e-mail exchange between the involved parties.

Strange, considering boundaries are uploaded as closed, unbroken ways rather than split ways connected together to form boundary relations.

Hooray, deeper copyright rabbit hole!

[1]open here means you can view, manipulate and do almost everything including distribution or re-distribution of said data

That user just send me a reply.


It is a rough sketch based on satelite image features (with hints provided by the portal) and there is no detailed tracing of the boundary. I don’t see a copyright issue there as the boundary is rough

If I were you, I’d refer to the Data Working Group. It does sound not so pleasant, but what’s the difference between that, and “opening Google Maps from a browser tab and an OSM editor; and grab what’s displayed on the browser tab”?

according to OSM Inspector ( it show that some boundaries have error, and I found out that some of them have admin_centre included in the relation, but if the admin_centre is a way, then it shows an error message saying that the role should be inner. so I think that we should use a node or relation as admin_centre, so that it won’t get confused. The standard OpenStreetMap layer will render a border along the way even if there is a way which is not tagged as outer or inner. The same goes for subarea role.

Have you fixed them? If it’s not the case, could you send a screenshot?

Someone drawn the segments of district borders in Johor and made relations, but did not remove the originally drawn district borders which were drawn as closed ways (such as Segamat relation and way Most of them are incomplete and the section where it is a coastline or bordering with another state didn’t include in the relation. And somehow that user made another relation for Johor ( Also the southern portion of Muar/Tangkak district border should follow Muar River instead of going to the west and border with Melaka.

See above, earlier replies.

To be clear, that was no way related to earlier import (hence, this forum thread/topic). In the future, just create new topic to point out anything that felt not right with existing boundary data in OSM.