Admin Areas in Western Isles & Orkney

I’ve noted that Western Isles (1959008) has numerous small islands (Ways) added as members. Oddly it also has some of its small islands marked as relations rather than added as members.

These are then showing up erroneously as county boundaries. They should really be corrected to be Ways and added as members to Western Isles. I am too new to OSM to attempt this and so am asking if someone with more extensive experience could make the appropriate edit.

Great Bernera (4143917) Little Bernera (4155685) Goat Island (3866223) are all small islands which should be part of Western Isles (1959008) but are relations and not ways.

Similarly Burray (3148462) Glims Holm (3148463) Lamb Holm (3148464) Sanday (2430896) South Ronaldsay (3601567) are all islands that should be part of Orkney but are again relations not ways.

Could someone fix this please. The reason for the ask is that (provides data for the Geocaching hobby) is trying to use the data and erroneously getting these tiny islands showing up as counties. My understanding is that correcting these to be ways and adding them as members of the appropriate county will fix the issue.

Oddly enough I noticed this yesterday when querying for a list of counties. The culprits are ways with boundary=administrative and admin_level=6. These tags are redundant as the Western Isles is now mapped as a relation, but they have the effect that small islands made of a single way creep through as counties.

In addition many small islands have been missed from inclusion in the Western Isles.

Furthermore many of the boundary ways are not coincident with islands (the islands have been traced from more uptodate imagery & the older coastline ways have been left with the relation, but the coastline has been removed.

Finally the coastlines are pretty crap & need a lot of editing.

The first bit is relatively easy: I would have fixed this last night but my editor ran out of memory.

Any help in resolving the others would be greatly appreciated.

One last thing: the talk-gb mailing list gets much more traffic than the forum for UK topics.

Thanks for the reply I’ve never edited anything on Open Street Map and would wish to understand the database better before making edits hence the call for assistance. If this can be flagged in better places to get more eyes on it that would be appreciated.