Address: some street name or towns not shown on gpsmap 62s


first post here so not sure where to post.
I just got a garmin gpsmap 62s, I used to use city navigator on my old gpsmap60csx that i just lost 1 month ago!
now I am discovering and start using OSM map generic,
I downloaded the osm generic, usa california,

not all cities or street address are found while searching for ADDRESS.
if I search for CITY, I may found it but not while searching for an ADDRESS the city I am looking is not showing.
strangely when openning the map on base camp and zooming on some part of the map I am able to see the town and street address that I am looking for.

am I doing some thing wrong at some point?
Thank you.

The address search of the osm garmin maps are based on the administrative districts in which the streets are found. Sometimes those district boundaries are incomplete on OSM so that the address search fails, even if you can see the city on the map.

Thank you for answering,

so I can’t really use the Osm map for certain Routes… my phone does better job, but wanted to use the Garmin on a motorcycle

 if  I search for a city  -                I  click on   Find/Cities    Gps ask  for the City,  Enter the city,  Gps is able to find the city 

but if i am searching for an address - I click on Find/ Address/ Gps ask for the City Enter the beginning of the City ==> No results found!!
I have much to learn about how are made Osm map for Garmin and how to use them.

sure I can route from the computer then transfer to the unit, if I am home only but not on the go.
any way, Osm map are still amazing

Thank you!.

I think there still are some problems in how the index is built. I tried to find a route back home yesterday from about 100km away (perhaps 2 tileboundaries in between) and the GPS couldn’t find Apeldoorn…


yes, there is a problem with the index and the POIs, at least on my GPSmap 62s. If they are getting too big, the device does not find ranges anymore. For example suddenly all hotels starting from D-H are missing. Next time It’s the citys from N-P. That’s why I try to reduce this informations as far as possible on my maps.
But I cannot say if this is a problem on how mkgmap generates the index or if there is a sizelimit in the device …