Address search

About 3 weeks ago, I’ve added some addresses to the map. It didn’t take long for mapnik to render them, but the address search at and haven’t realized the changes yet. This also applies to other address edits which i’ve done not so long ago. I was wondering whether only my edits are being ignored, or whether this is a general problem. The address search used to be up-to-date only a few minutes or even seconds after the upload. Perhaps, there’s a correlation with the redaction process?

The search service on (and presumably is Nominatim. If you go to this page, you can see when Nominitim is using data from:
It currently says “Data: 2012/07/10”, so it won’t find anything added/changed since then. I think it has stopped updating because of the redaction process, though I’m not sure why exactly. And I don’t know when it will next update. Also see Platform status, it says for Nominitim "Updates are on hold during the redaction process. ":