Address search problem


I would like to add address search to my map … so I added “inc/address” file to my style and “include ‘inc/address’;” line on top of points lines and polygons files.
I also added --index --location-autofill options to mkgmap.

But now I am getting this message when run mkgmap:
Style file garmin_hiking_map contains multiple styles, use option --style to select one.

Actually --list-styles option showing two same styles
garmin_hiking_map 1.0: Mira’s hiking style
garmin_hiking_map 1.0: Mira’s hiking style

What might be wrong?



I found workaround for this issue. I just placed “address” file directly to my style dir not to inc subdir and it is working.
Of course line in points lines and polygons files looks like this now “include ‘address’;”
I use -index --location-autofill mkgmap options related to addresses search.

But now if I try “find” → “cities” it will only find places around my current location in distance cca 20km.
I still missing someting?

I have Garmin 78s what is mainly marine device … don’t know if this matter.

best regards


Strange. Well, I use my own “pre-processor” which incorporates the included files.
Last year, I enconutered problems with the address search, and was told to use the precompiled boundaries, see
It works well in Central Europe. But note: that still fails with South-East-Asia.

Yes it is … but this solution works for me and I can live with it :confused:

I am using precompiled boundaries for mkgmap.

Thank you for link … very interesting reading … It looks like address search is not reliable and behave differently on different devices and can be problematic in some locations :frowning: