Address Search Garmin Cycle

Hi !

I’m fairly new to this whole OSM world ! Bought a Garmin Touring Plus for a tandem trip in France with my girlfriend… we’re leaving in 48h actually !

I bought the Garmin GPS in Quebec/Canada so i have the built-in Garmin map for North America !

I’ve been trying the OSM and OpenFietsMap from Canada and worked pretty well but a few things are bugging me…

  1. Is it true we can’t search for specific address or streets from OSM but only POI ?
  2. When I try to create a route using the GPS’ Route Planner option, I won’t get any infos about altitude/elevation gain etc… that I was able to have from the basic built in map for my country…
  3. If I buy a CityNavigator map on top…will I get these 2 options ?

After a few hours looking around different websites and blogues… could’nt find theses answers or what would be the best fit for us !

Thanks a lot for helping me ! (and fast ? haha)


Just realized that we need the Geocode Map for the Garmin device able to find address… I have the Geocode map for North-America obviously but I can’t find ones for Europe or France… any ideas ?

  1. If the boundary data (cities, municipalities, countries) are complete on OSM, address and street search should be working. At least here in Europe it works. In the NL’ds and Belgium even housenumber search works for most of the addresses.
  2. Depends if your GPS has a basic DEM map installed or not. OSM maps do not contain altitude data, neither City Navigator. More expensive topo maps do have DEM info in them.
  3. 1 yes and 2 no

How am I suppose to know if date is complete before heading there ? I downloaded from OSM routable and cyclist maps and tried from canada looking for address in France and it doesn’t seems to work… maybe it will out there ?

And yes I have a pre-installed DEM map for NorthAmerica… do you know if it is possible to download one for Europe/France ?

Thx !

Can you give an example of an address that cant be found, so I can check it on my map. If this cant be found it could be caused by an error on OSM or bug in mkgmap.

About DEM, maybe contact Garmin. I know there are some free legal maps with DEM data, for instance the Garmin Winter Activity Map based on OSM.

I’m adding the maps as .img and not mkgmap… is this the reason ? I still get the infos about POI and all… I tried tons of different address with all same result…

Example: 6864 Chateaubriand Montreal H2S 2N8 Canada

img file is correct, if you see the map on your gps it is installed.
Mkgmap is the programm that we use to make those maps, so you dont need it at all.
But one reason that it cant find Chateaubriand in Montreal is that it is named in OSM as Avenue de Châteaubriand
These OSM maps cannot find it if you spell only part of the name. :wink:

Hi there,
Is there a way to get around that name problem? I mean a way to fond “Allée de Chateaubriand” by typing “Chateaubriand” ?

Until mkgmap has found a solution for this indexing problem, I’m afraid not.